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There are so many amazing events supporting and educating around mental health. Here are just a few that the MHM team thought would be of interest to you.

Stress Down Day
July 24, 2019
Stress Down Day provides a great opportunity for workplaces to realise the importance of ensuring an environment that prioritises the wellbeing of employees. It’s a fun take on a serious issue with the bonus of doing something good for our
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World Suicide Prevention Day
September 10, 2019
World Suicide Prevention Day is an awareness day observed on 10 September every year, in order to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides, with various activities around the world
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R U OK Day
September 12, 2019
R U OK? Day is a national day of action in September dedicated to reminding people to ask family, friends and colleagues the question, "R U OK?", in a meaningful way, because connecting regularly and meaningfully is one thing everyone can do to make a difference to anyone who might be struggling.
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Mental Health Month
October 1, 2019
Mental Health Month is recognised and celebrated throughout the month of October in NSW. The aim of the campaign is to promote the importance of early intervention practices for positive mental health and wellbeing and reduce the stigma associated with mental health.
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World Mental Health Day
October 10, 2019
World Mental Health Day is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma.
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November 1, 2019
We’re the leading charity changing the face of men’s health. We’re addressing some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.
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Brain Awareness Week
March 11, 2020
Brain Awareness Week is the global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brainresearch. It unites the efforts of partner organizations from around the world in a week-long celebration of the brainevery year in mid-March.
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International Day of Happiness
March 20, 2020
The International Day of Happiness is celebrated worldwide every 20 March, and was conceptualized and founded by philanthropist, activist, statesman, and prominent United Nations special advisor Jayme Illien to inspire, mobilize, and advance the global happiness movement.
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World Health Day
April 7, 2020
The World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on 7 April, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization, as well as other related organizations.
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World Day for Safety and Health at Work
April 28, 2020
The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is an annual international campaign to promote safe, healthy and decent work.
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