providing results, reports & recommendations regarding the impact of our mental health workplace blueprint & gauging a mental health baseline of your workplace.

The Mental Health Movement’s Mental Health Workplace Audit shows that many workplaces have room to improve regarding their approach to mental health within the workplace.It also identifies the main contributing factors, uptake issues regarding EAP, workplace challenges, mental health literacy levels, mental health support skills, mental health management skills and mental ill-health prevalence. It also gives the workforce an opportunity to provide feedback on what they think could assist in developing a mentally healthy supportive environment.

Understanding these factors is going to be crucial in your efforts when developing a Mental Health Strategy, ensuring your investment can be used where it is needed most.The Mental Health Audit gauges the impact of your Mental Health Strategy and the effectiveness of our Mental Health Workplace Blueprint within your company. This is crucial in managing quality control, implementation, delivery and ROI. Mental Health Movement will action our Mental Health Workplace Audit at the beginning of our Mental Health Workplace Blueprint and again at the completion.Detailed reports will be completed for the first and second audits outlining all results, works completed, feedback from workforce, recommendations and testimonials.

Here are some of the companies, organisations we have worked with.