The Blueprint to a mentally healthy, supportive workplace.



Mental Health Movement has worked with some of Australia’s leading companies, delivering various mental health initiatives. During these initiatives we have presented to just over 65,000 individuals from various companies within Australia. During these initiatives Mental Health Movement conducted 2 surveys. The purpose of the audit was to gather and correlate real life data first hand from both frontline employees and managers, supervisors and frontline leaders within the Australian workforce.

This data would give us a clearer understanding of the awareness and education levels of frontline employees, managers, supervisors and frontline leaders within the Australian workplace. It also gave us a clear understanding of the contributing factors to the poor mental health of a frontline employee. The data also provided us a clear understanding of the challenges a manger, supervisor and frontline leader faces with an employee that comes to them with a mental health issue.

From these results we developed the Mental Health Workplace Blueprint. The Mental Health Workplace Blueprint meets the needs of the individual and workforce, improving mental health literacy, mental health management, mental health support and improving help seeking behaviors, whilst providing resources to empower the workforce, providing follow up, accountability and support

The Mental Health Workplace Blueprint consists of 4 stages that focus on improving mental health awareness, mental health literacy, mental health management and mental health support within your workplace. The objective being to build resilience and empower employees, managers, supervisors and frontline leaders to better identify, manage and support mental health and its challenges within the workplace.   

Stage 1: Awareness

POWER OF STORY:  The power of story is going to be one of the catalysts for change in the mental health space. Story telling is something that reminds us that we are all real. Connecting through the power of story will remove the negative stigma attached to mental health and mental illness and change the individual perception towards it.  

6 KEYS TO IMPROVED MENTAL HEALTH OUTCOMES:  This section of the presentation changes the individual perception and understanding towards mental health. It focuses on clear, simple effective ways of planting the mental health seed, starting the conversation, giving individuals ways to check in and be accountable and giving an understanding of how to build and develop resilience and seek help if needed.

EAP PROMOTION:  Your company EAP (employment assistance program) will be positively promoted and re-promoted through various promotional materials (flyers, cards, video’s, presentations ect).  During our survey the data reported that 64% employees do not feel comfortable seeking support through their EAP. The main reason being they thought the EAP report directly to the company, sharing things about the individual and their struggles. The standard EAP uptake is between 4% – 10% and is a reflection of that perception. The EAP is a fantastic resource, that is 100% confidential. The uptake of the EAP is going to hinge on how it is promoted and supported within the workplace.

Stage 2: Education

- This workshop will provide tools, strategies and scaffolds on identifying the signs and symptoms of a mental health issues within the workplace.
- Providing a better understanding of the contributing factors of poor mental health and how to manage what is in the employees and employers control, potentially developing and creating a more mentally healthy workplace environment.

- It will provide the skills to start and hold the conversations around mental health, providing the tools to provide consistent support and link to other supports relevant to the individual and situation.

- The workshop showcases activities of real life work scenarios where the participants will use the MHWB support scaffold and navigate through supporting the individual and gaining a positive outcome.

- This workshop will also provide the participants with a mental health management scaffold.

WORKSHOP 2: RESILIENCE (45 minutes) This workshop will give a real life understanding of resilience. Understanding what it is, what it looks like, how to develop it, how to use it and how to apply it to the real world. This workshop will provide a resilience reflection cycle that has taken years of study and education to develop. This resilience reflection cycle can be used and applied to any and every situation in life. This workshop will cover both individual and team resilience. Resilience is a key ingredient in striving to be the best version of yourself. An individual or a team that is adaptable and can persevere through change challenge and adversity is going to be more successful in every aspect of life.

Stage 3: Training

Course participants learn about:
Developing mental health problems covered are:
Mental health crisis situations covered are:
Course Format

This is a 12-hour course, which can be delivered as either:

Course participants receive a copy of the Standard MHFA Manual  to keep and a Certificate of Completion

Stage 4: Resources

Workplace Champions Peer Support Program:
Optimise ME Program:

The Optimese ME Program is a resource delivering 8 stages to effectively optimising yourself and the various aspects of your life. Assisting you become the best version of yourself.

Mental Health Mangement Blueprint Planner:
Optimise ME Kokoda Treks:

The Optimise Me Kokoda Trek delivers the 8 stages of the Optimise Me program whilst trekking the world famous Kokoda trail. This collaboration is a real pressure cooker that has had huge success. It gives participants the opportunity to draw the line in the sand and leave a lot of their ego’s, insecurities and fears on the track coming back better people. It is a very positive stimulus for change that challenges individuals to become the best version of themselves.


Help your employees better manage their mental health

What they say ?

Kristy Trudgett

Injury Prevention & Wellbeing Advisor NSW, SHEQ - Veolia Waste Management

We really enjoyed working with Dan and Mental Health Movement over the five presentations he did at Veolia NSW.  His story is very powerful.  We would thoroughly recommend Dan and Mental Health Movement to any organisation to positively influence their workforce.  We hope to work with Dan again in the future

scott ginnivan

Safety & Training Superintendent - Whitehaven Coal

Dan’s flexibility allowed us to work with the crews start times to deliver his presentation to the 450 people we have here on site.  The presentations were well received by all crews and his knowledge and passion kept the audience’s attention for the hour the presentation went for. The crews and staff spoke about the presentation for weeks afterwards which will see us look at using Dan’s services again in the future.


Whitehaven Coal: Safety Superintendent

The Mental Health Movement was engaged by Whitehaven Coal to deliver awareness presentations to all crews across our operations to increase the awareness, understanding and acceptance of mental health and mental ill-health within ourselves, our families, friends, workmates and communities. They presented approximately 50 presentations across a 4 week period with a professional and tailored approach – Founder Dan Hunt brought his lived experience that was very relatable to the audience. Dan’s presentations were powerful and resonates with many people, helping to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and to introduce concepts and strategies to assist everyone to better cope with their day to day stressors. Dan worked collaboratively with our Employee Assistance Provider and provided additional assistance to our local football community when an adverse event unfortunately occurred during the time he was here. Dan is an extremely professional and influential facilitator who is proactive and passionate about making a positive change regarding the perception and management of mental health and illness..