Are You Doing The Funda-Mentals?

Funda-Mentals - Managing your mental health and well-being through simple, fundamental practices & principles

I have type 2 bi polar. I am a different and unique person and I know and embrace this. Actions and behaviours of mine are also unique and don't fit into society's mould so to speak. But I have been on a journey of self improvement and self development since being diagnosed in 2010. 

Through my mistakes, bad decisions, poor relationships, bad behaviours and bad traits. I have learnt, understood, processed, changed and implemented different processes and strategies from each and everyone of these experiences, incorporated with my education to better manage my mental health, mental illness and well-being. 

This has directed me to exactly where I am today and what I’m doing. A lot of individuals will / do not understand or approve of a lot of things I have done or do. I have learnt this is ok. How I see the world is different to how others see it and that doesn't make either right or wrong. But I have learnt the ability to see the world through other people’s lenses and that has given me many different insights, understandings and has changed my perceptions, behaviours, focuses and personality traits. 

Since these learnings and understandings I have also experienced and educated myself. Now I am on a journey to share my story, education and learnings with others. 

I believe in keeping things clear and simple. So I wanted to share the following with you. 

My Funda-Mental Belief

I believe if you do not:

- eat a healthy well balanced diet

- get moving (in any way) for at least 20 minutes on a daily basis

- get at least 6-8 hours sleep / night on a regular basis

- maintain a good work / social / life balance

- limit alcohol and drug consumption

- have positive relationships 

- deal with, manage and work through certain issues you face or have faced and not sweep them under the carpet

- have a plan / structure in place for yourself

- not to try and do all the above on your own 

- speak to a positive support network regularly (clinical support included)

You are going to be doing your self a dis service and you are going to find it very difficult to manage your mental health and well-being and live a happy fulfilling life. Other band aid approaches and strategies are a waste of time and will not be very affective or will only work for a short time, if you haven't implemented the above. 

Some other fundamental principles that might need addressing include your:

Perception: Changing your perception and relationship with different aspects of your life. Your perceptions are formed through your prior conditionings. Your perception is your reality. Our perceptions govern how we see the world and how we see the world governs how we behave. Having a negative, poor perception will never give you a positive fulfilling life. If this is you, work on changing how you see the world. Changing that will in turn change your behaviour. Your changed behaviour will change your path and assist in improving your life.  

Focus: A lot of individuals focus on the problem or problems in their life. We tend to focus on trying to stop life adversities and problems from ever happening. We need to change our perception and focus towards implementing coping strategies, tools and support networks to assist us in working through and overcoming these adversities, problems and challengers. It is not what happens to us in life but how we respond. If we are only focusing on the problems or adversities, we are going to be consumed with struggle. Changing our focus can open our perspectives and give us insights into how to work through these adversities with out hitting rock bottom or giving up. 

Positive Coping Strategies: Processes and strategies that can be learnt, created and implemented into your daily routines and rituals to assist you in building resilience, managing life adversities and changes in turn helping you better manage your mental health and well-being

Negative coping strategies like self diagnosing and self medicating for example excessive alcohol consumption, drug usage will have a very negative impact on your mental and physical health and your life (I know this from lived experience). You need to develop your own mental health and well-being toolbox full of these positive coping strategies. 

Support Networks: You are not alone. 1/2 the Australian population will experience a mental illness in their life time. The other half will be dealing with someone who is experiencing a mental illness, or poor mental health. 

Not wanting help or support is a poor decision. Ask yourself why don't you want help or support that could be one of your contributing factors to poor mental health and well-being. The feeling of being alone whilst you are struggling is terrible and it is a contributing factor in suicide. If you are going through a tough time create and develop a strong support networks, watch the change in your life.