Since having my own struggles with substance use many years ago, studying A Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD), working in the social work space and aquiring my Mental Health First aid instructor qualification, I have come to understand substance use disorders very well.

Not all people who use a substance will become addicted or develop a substance use problem. Substance use problems occur when a person is using alcohol or other drugs at levels that are associated with short term or long term harm. 

Substance use problems are not just a matter of how much of a substance a person uses, but how their use affects their life and the ones around them.

Approximately 5.1 % of Australians aged 16 and above have a substance use disorder in any given year.

I wanted to share this short clip I came across in my studies that I think does a really good job of portraying a substance use disorder and the impacts it can have on an individual.

Please Enjoy