Why Mental Health in the Workplace?


The Mental Health Movement takes a very unique approach towards mental health. When you look at the statistics in the mental health space, 1 in 4 individuals will experience mental ill health in any 12 month period and 1 in 2 individuals will experience mental ill health in their lifetime. Mental ill-health is also the leading cause of absenteeism within the Australian workplace costing the Australian economy over $13 billion in lost productivity.

There is so much clinical support out there including company EAP’s (Employee Assistance Program), GP’s, psychologists, counsellors and psychiatrists to support these individuals experiencing mental ill health. Statistics show that nearly 54% of Australians going through a mental health struggle or mental illness do not seek support. We see ourselves as the conduit between the individual experiencing the mental health issue and the appropriate support networks and resources available.

When you look at this fact, we all have a mental health just like we all have a physical health, ask yourself this question. What is out there for the other individuals not experiencing mental ill health but just wanting to better manage their own mental health? That is where we come into action, providing early intervention, proactive initiatives through our Mental Health Workplace Blueprint assisting individuals and workplaces to improve mental health outcomes.
We aim to work collaboratively with your company EAP (Employee Assistance Provider). We have previously achieved positive results and outcomes with companies we have worked with in collaboration. As a company you will be providing support from both ends of the scale ensuring your workplace and its employees are working towards developing a mentally healthy, supportive environment.

Here are some of the companies, organisations we have worked with.


Why Mental Health in the Workplace?