When I was playing in the NRL everything I did during the week was about being the best version of myself for the 80 minutes on the weekend. I managed everything I could, from what I ate, how many hours sleep I had, what I watched on TV and what I read in books and newspapers. It was making sure I had put the right habits, routines and mindset in place to be the best version of myself for that 80 minutes.

In 2015 my career was cut short with a career ending knee injury and I thought that my 80 minutes was now taken away. What I have learnt through my experiences, education and the power of perception is that we all have an 80 minutes. We have an 80 minutes as a father, husband, friend, wife, mother, we have an 80 minutes to ourselves.

A practice that I still use very regularly is ask myself am I doing everything in my power to be the best version of myself for my 80 minutes, whatever that may be. Sometimes I don't like the answers I get, but what this practice does is hold you accountable too yourself. It will give you a clear understanding of what you need to stop doing, start doing, keep doing or what you may need to change about yourself.

Having tools to check in with yourself when managing yourself is key. This practice is quite simple and very relatable. It can be adapted to anyone and everyone. Whether it be for the individual, work team, sporting team or the family unit, ask yourself and everyone involved are you / we doing everything we / you can to be that best version of yourself for your 80 minutes.