In stage one, we lay the foundations for the entire Mental Health Workplace Blueprint. The critical aspect of this stage is connecting with your workforce. We develop connection and trust through the power story and the lived experience of our highly skilled and trained facilitators. Building this rapport is essential in the delivery of your company’s mental health strategy.

Courage is contagious and this unique aspect of our training methodology is intentionally designed to make the lessons learned real for participants, and to facilitate powerful and effective learning amongst the group.

This workshop is intentionally clear, concise and will provide the necessary baseline awareness and knowledge required to ensure maximum comprehension prior to moving into the following stages of the Mental Health Workplace Blueprint.



In the first session of the Blueprint, you will hear the powerful story of your Mental Health Movement facilitator. They will explain in the most transparent manner the changes, challenges and adversities they went through in their own journeys.

These 'living case studies' will give perspective and help individuals to understand the processes they went through and the strategies they have implemented to make change. They will talk through how they sought support and managed to reach their goal of returning to the best version of themselves.

Session Length: 30 minutes


Mental Health vs Mental Illness:
It is important to understand mental health and mental illness are not the same thing. This differentiation is vital in building the tools to move forward.

The Mental Health Continuum:
Understanding how to be accountable for your own mental health and how to measure your current mental health position.

The Mental Health Cup:
We learn how checking in with your own mental health and the mental health of others assists in perspective and the development of coping mechanisms.

Support Networks:
Lessons on seeking support and being a support in the mental health space. Starting the conversation is the toughest but most important step in this process you will learn key skills to support you.

Proactive over Reactive:
The mindset and blueprint to managing your mental health. Learning to take control of your mental health to help reduce a decline in mental health.

EAP Promotion:
Understanding the facts from the myths and how to identify them moving forward.

Session Length: 30 minutes