Mental ill-health is the leading cause of absenteeism within the Australian workplace costing the Australian economy over $13 billion in lost productivity.

One in five individuals will experience mental ill health in any 12-month period, and one in two individuals will experience mental ill health in their lifetime.

In 2017 Mental Health Movement surveyed 5,700 Australian workers from various industries including mining, construction, maritime, transport, oil & gas and manufacturing to get a better understanding of the mental health challenges faced by employees, managers and supervisors in the workplace.

This data gave us a clear understanding of the contributing factors to poor mental health of an Australian employee, the barriers to staff seeking support, and the gaps in individual knowledge and perceptions around mental illness and mental health. From these results our Mental Health Workplace Blueprint was developed.

The Mental Health Workplace Blueprint consists of four stages that focus on improving mental health awareness, mental health literacy, mental health management and mental health support and help-seeking behaviours within your workplace.



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Here are some of the companies, organisations we have worked with.

Our four-phase methodology allows us to better understand the challenges of the employees, design the appropriate solution for the workforce, and follow-through to ensure the required supports are provided and the behavioural transformations take place.

By providing early intervention and proactive initiatives through our Mental Health Workplace Blueprint we build resilience and empower employees, managers, supervisors and frontline leaders to better identify, manage and support mental health and its challenges within the workplace.