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Welcome to the Mental Health Movement

My team specialise in providing workplace training to organisations wanting to better support their staff and create a culture where it is ok to not be ok, and it is ok to ask for help.

It has been demonstrated that investing in mental health programs returns a positive ROI to your business, with a reduction in presenteeism (reduced productivity at work), absenteeism, and compensation claims. By developing a mentally healthy and supportive workplace not only will you get the best out of your staff, you will also attract and retain top talent because you have created a positive place to work.

Our methodology has been tried and tested and employees leave our workshops equipped not only to better their own mental health, but how to better support their co-workers, their family and their friends. Working with our team you will see an increase in mental health literacy, help-seeking behaviours and reduced stigma in the workplace.

Reach out now to find out how you build a mentally healthy and supportive workplace.

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Why Us?


Mental Health Movement deliver our programs anywhere in Australia, on site, in your training or meeting room. Our team pride themselves in meeting your business needs, giving everyone the opportunity to build the critical skills to better manage themselves and support those around them.


Our methodology has been meticulously researched, developed and tested to provide expert training and support.


Our facilitators can connect with even the toughest workplace through the power of personal story and lived experience.


Behind Mental Health Movement is decades of experience. Our team consists of clinical psychologists, suicidologists and counsellors.


Most importantly our training is interactive for participants and provides them with the practical tools needed to build resilience and empower employees, managers and supervisors to better identify, manage and support mental health and its challenges in the workplace.

about The
mental health movement

The Mental Health Movement is the brainchild of former NRL player Dan Hunt. Dan’s impressive sporting career spanned over nine years culminating in his 150th game played for the St George Illawarra Dragons. During his career as a professional athlete, he struggled with and overcame many adversities.  

Using the power of personal story and lived experience to break down the stigma which stops people seeking help for mental issues, Dan focusses on driving change by altering society’s perception of mental health issues and those struggling with them.

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Dan was diagnosed with type 2 Bipolar Disorder in 2010. At the height of his mental illness and the struggle it presented, he felt alone and isolated as access to information was not readily or easily available. This lead to feelings of vulnerability and fear as he felt it showed weakness to ask for help or assistance. 

At the time, Dan knew there would be other people in similar situations, experiencing similar issues who also needed access to helpful information and support. Although a challenging time in his own life, Dan knew if he could openly and honestly share his experiences, knowledge and coping strategies, he would be able to assist others in better managing their own mental health. His own life experiences and determination to help others is what inspired the creation of The Mental Health Movement and lead to Dan’s further study in Mental Health, Community Services, Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD), Fitness, Business and Career Development. 

It is through the power of story and lived experience, education, development of positive coping strategies and by creating strong support networks to help maintain and manage positive mental health that Dan aims to help improve outcomes for individuals experiencing a mental health issue.

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Some CLIENTS we've worked with


Barry Riley

Health Safety & Training Superintendent

Clarence Colliery has been working with Dan Hunt and the Mental Health Movement for over 12 months. They have made a really big impact within our workforce. They have really connected with us and have assisted us in creating a mentally healthy, supportive workplace. Dan is an inspiration to all of us with not only telling his real life story of having a mental illness but leading the way in helping and educating so many others. Our workforce has been so positive in understanding mental health with the help of Dan and the Mental. Health Movement team. As a company we would highly recommend others to connect with Dan and the Mental Health Movement team to understand and mange mental health in their workplace.

Greg Price

Boral Executive General Manager: NSW / ACT

Dan and the Mental Health Movement delivered a mental health initiative to our NSW and ACT businesses. Delivering a combination of mental health awareness and education to all our managers, supervisors and frontline leaders. They delivered 22 presentations to over 400 employees. The feedback was unbelievable and the positive impact within the workplace has been great. We highly recommend Dan and the Mental Health Movement if you are looking for improved mental health outcomes within your workplace.

Keili Adams

Human Resource Manager. Gemco, Temco & Cannington

We engaged the Mental Health Movement to deliver stages 1 & 2 of their Mental Health Workplace Blueprint to our entire workforce at both the Gemco and Cannington sites covering more than 2000 employees. The work was of very high quality and the professionalism was second to none. One of the key drivers was from MHM Founder Dan Hunt and his engagement with the entire workforce. This led to the many positive outcomes of the initiative. MHM also work in collaboration with our company employment assistance program linking many employees to further support. This collaboration was another key driver in the huge success of the initiative. We would highly recommend Dan and the MHM to any workforce. It was a pleasure to work with them and be a part of the change.

Tate Pearson

CEO Sano Health

Trustworthy, reliable and engaging, Dan is highly recommended for anyone, team or manager looking to build resilience in themselves or their staff. There is a need for mental health programs across Australia and I strongly recommend engaging the Mental health Movement for your business. Their ability to harness the power of story has facilitated a significant cultural shift in the mindset of our client’s workforce. A must for any business looking to empower their staff to become the best version of themselves.

Jessica Pereira

HSE Manager: Whitehaven Coal

Dan Hunt from the Mental Health Movement was engaged by WHC to deliver awareness presentations to all crews across our operations to increase the awareness, understanding and acceptance of mental health and mental ill-health within ourselves, our families, friends, workmates and communities. Dan presented approximately 50 presentations across a 4 week period with a professional and tailored approach – bringing his lived experiences that were relatable to the audience. Dan’s presentations were powerful and resonates with many people, helping to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and to introduce concepts and strategies to assist everyone to better cope with their day to day stressors. Dan worked collaboratively with our Employee Assistance Provider and provided additional assistance to our local football community when an adverse event unfortunately occurred during the time he was here. Dan is an extremely professional and influential facilitator who is proactive and passionate about making a positive change regarding the perception and management of mental health and illness.

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