The Mind Matters | Episode 8 | Overthinking

Looking back through my mental illness journey overthinking has been something that has affected me in both positive and negative ways. Having an understanding of what overthinking can do, what it can lead to and what emotions can arise is very important. Focusing on things that we can control is a way that has really worked for me and channeled my overthinking into a positive.

 As a rugby league player I would overthink so much that it would lead to poor performance and poor mindset. Overthinking would spike my anxiety and sometimes send me into a depression. I would create different scenarios and outcomes in my head and play them over and over again. You are never going to stop the approximate 60,000 thoughts you have a day but understanding that they are just thoughts is a great start. Ask yourself do you overthink and does your overthinking lead to negativity? We need to learn to not believe everything we think.

Please enjoy this episode of The Mind Matters Show