Building rapport within a workforce is essential to the delivery and success of any workplace training. At the Mental Health Movement we pride ourselves in our capacity to build connection with employees, managers and supervisors.

Every individual has a story. We have all been through our own changes, challenges and adversities no matter who we are, and one of the most powerful things you can do is talk openly about a personal experience with mental illness or mental ill health.

At the Mental Health Movement, we draw on the power of story and lived experience of our facilitators. These personal stories and experiences of dealing with mental health issues and the social pressures that come with them, help to connect with individuals, remove the stigma often associated with speaking up, and give participants the permission to share their own personal experiences.

Courage is contagious and this unique aspect of our methodology is intentionally designed to make the lessons learned, real for participants and to facilitate powerful and effective learning amongst the group.

At the Mental Health Movement, we believe sharing your own personal story can:

Demonstrate to others that it is possible to continue to work and manage mental ill health or mental illness

Remove the stigma around mental ill health and mental illness in the workplace

Help someone who may also be experiencing mental ill health to seek support

Encourage others to also share their personal stories and experiences

Encourage your employer to develop a mentally healthy and supportive workplace