Psychosocial Hazard Risk Assessment Training and Support (PHRATS) is Mental Health Movement’s flagship offering within the Psychosocial Risk Management Program that focuses on identifying, assessing, and controlling psychosocial risks in the workplace. PHRATS has been developed in accordance with ISO31000:2018 Risk Management Framework and ISO45003:2021 Guidelines for Managing Psychosocial Risks as well as the relevant WHS legislation and SafeWork Codes of Practice. In particular, the PHRATS offering involves the following 5 stages:

Stage one - identification

Mental Health Movement offers an anonymous online Psychosocial Hazard Questionnaire that can be used to assist in the identification of hazards in your workplace. The questionnaire measures 24 hazards commonly reported amongst Australian workers such as work life imbalance, poor support, low job control, and bullying. A battery of demographic variables (e.g.,age, gender, and department) as well as outcome variables (e.g., work engagement, absenteeism, and productivity loss) are also measured.

Stage two - education

Prior learning is required before undertaking a psychosocial risk assessment including basic mental health awareness and literacy and psychosocial hazard training. Mental Health Movement offers online modules through our Digital Academy that can be used to meet the required mental health education, while the psychosocial hazard training that covers all 24 hazards can be delivered by Mental Health Movement’s Psychological Health andSafety experts either face to face or via webinar.

stage three - assess

Mental Health Movement’s Psychological Health and Safety experts will facilitate a psychosocial risk assessment with a representative group of workers from your organisation (e.g., health and safety committee members).

An inherent and residual risk rating is computed using a slightly different approach to a standard safety-based risk assessment to account for some of the individual differences involved in the way psychosocial hazards are experienced by workers.

Mental Health Movement has also developed a library of the most effective controls to mitigate the psychosocial risks associated with the hazards. The controls are conveniently stored in a Psychosocial Risk Register where they are listed in pre-populated drop-down menus. This makes selecting and determining both existing and proposed controls so much easier, especially for those who are new to the area of psychosocial risk management.


Mental Health Movement can assist with the planning of control treatment strategies to best prioritise and impact psychosocial risks, whether this is through risk treatment plans or other action-based platforms.


To ensure that risk treatments are instigated and are effective MentalHealth Movement offers to monitor and review your psychosocial risk management. This can be through regular risk reviews or audits. Reviews are recommended every 3 months initially and then annually once the controls are embedded and effective.

“This is not just a program; it is an offering that will change how companies look after their people and reshape the way in which theAustralian workplace operates.”

Tim Mullen
MHM Work, Health, & Safety (WHS) Specialist
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"The Mental Health Movement delivered a mental health initiative to our NSW and ACT businesses. Delivering a combination of mental health awareness and education to all our managers, supervisors and frontline leaders. They delivered 22 presentations to over 400 employees. The feedback was unbelievable and the positive impact within the workplace has been great. We highly recommend the Mental Health Movement if you are looking for improved mental health outcomes within your workplace."

Greg Price

Executive General Manager NSW, Boral

"Dan and the Mental Health Movement are doing great things in the mental health space. Dan has presented to our corporate staff and his education and story has had a real positive impact on our staff and management. Dan is now St George Bank's Mental Health and Wellbeing Ambassador and we look forward to continuing to work with him and the Mental Health Movement."

Ross Miller

General Manager Retail Banking, St George Bank

"Mental Health Movement have made a really big impact within our workforce. They have really connected with us and have assisted us in creating a mentally healthy, supportive workplace. Dan is an inspiration to all of us with not only telling his real-life story of having a mental illness but leading the way in helping and educating so many others. As a company we would highly recommend others to connect with Dan and the Mental Health Movement team to understand and manage mental health in their workplace."

Barry Riley

Health Safety & Training Superintendent, Centennial Coal

"We engaged the Mental Health Movement to deliver stages 1 & 2 of their Mental Health Workplace Blueprint to our entire workforce covering more than 2000 employees. The work was of very high quality and the professionalism was second to none. MHM also work in collaboration with our company employment assistance program linking many employees to further support. This collaboration was a key driver in the huge success of the initiative. We would highly recommend Dan and the MHM to any workforce. It was a pleasure to work with them and be a part of the change."

Keili Adams

Human Resource Manager, Gemco, Temco & Cannington, South 32

"The wonderful team at MHM have been providing Mental Health Education and Training for the past 3 years within our Australian Business. Their relatable and “real life” approach seems to really connect with many of our employees, and in my dealings with them I have really valued the personal and caring approach they have taken to meet the needs of the teams and individuals they have worked with.  Their care for supporting us to reach our aspirations to create awareness and build capability in this space is genuine and much appreciated. Every interaction has been a pleasure and a positive experience."

Stephanie O'Dwyer

Health, Wellbeing & Innovation Manager, BlueScope Wollongong

"The feedback received from staff has been overwhelmingly positive with many resonating with the personal stories and journeys shared by the Facilitators. All of our Facilitators, Brett, Alisha, Ashton, Chris and Dan, are down to earth, genuine and relatable guys with a natural ability to connect with our diverse workforce. This was evident by the amount of staff sharing personal experiences in the sessions and some staff staying back to talk about their struggles and seek further support from the Facilitators. The workplace audit will play a key role in informing our future mental health strategy, education and training at Council and we are proud to partner with MHM over the next few years as we continue to develop and strengthen our workplace to be aware, take action, break down the stigma and support a mentally fit workforce."

Sharni Watts

Manager of People & Culture, Georges River Council

"After the first session every single employee personally thanked the business owners for organising the event and said how much they appreciated it. I think it gave us a better understanding of some of our difficulties in life, that everyone has struggles which reminded us to be good to each other. I believe it brought us closer as a group and reinforced that we all support each other. I think the whole MHM crew are amazing people doing a great job for our community and the different workforces they encounter. They genuinely care, want to help and make a difference."

Ben Cohen

Director & Licensee, Ray White Shellharbour