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Our Mission is to deliver improved mental health outcomes to our clients through our Mental Health Workplace Blueprint. This will provide mental health awareness, education, training and resources in conjunction with being a link to consistent support networks.

Our MHM team is dedicated to improving mental health outcomes for our clients and they work tirelessly to meet your needs and objectives. All our team members live by our company values and will improve the mental health outcomes of your workplace.

Dan Hunt

Founding Director - Mental Health First Aid Trainer

Dan's impressive sporting career spanned over nine years culminating in his 150th game played for the St George Illawarra Dragons. During his career as a professional athlete, he struggled with and overcome many adversities. Using the power of personal story and lived experience to break down the stigma which stops people seeking help for mental health issues, Dan focusses on driving change by altering society’s perception of mental health issues and those struggling with them.

Dan was diagnosed with Type 2 Bipolar Disorder in 2010. At the height of his mental illness and the struggle it presented, he felt alone and isolated as access to information was not readily or easily available. This led to him feeling vulnerable and fearful as he felt it showed weakness to ask for help or assistance. At the time, Dan knew there would be other people in similar situations, experiencing similar issues who also needed access to helpful information and support.

Although a challenging time in his own life, Dan knew if he could openly and honestly share his experiences, knowledge and coping strategies, he would be able to assist others in better managing their own mental health.His own life experiences and determination to help others is what inspired the creation of The Mental Health Movement and lead to Dan’s further study in Mental Health, Community Services, Mental Health First Aid, Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD), Fitness, Business and Career Development.

Nadeen Hunt

Operations Manager

Nadeen is a very hard working, resilient individual. At a young age she tragically lost her father. This sudden loss devastated her and the family. Struggling as a young teenager Nadeen felt lost, alone and isolated.

Through a positive mentor in her grandmother, Nadeen learnt to look at the silver lining and be grateful for the things she did have and the things she was doing. Moving away from her comfort zone at 18 years of age, she started her career in the corporate world and by 21 was a Branch Manager for St George Bank. For years she flourished becoming the best version of herself.

At 21 she had her daughter and her life took a different path. A path of a poor relationship that lacked support, love and affection. Experiencing years of struggle the relationship broke down and she became a single parent. Having to again be resilient and work through another challenge Nadeen found a passion to help others. Using her experiences, passion and skills she worked in customer relations helping individuals, bringing joy to their lives. Nadeen has become an integral part of the Mental Health Movement. She possesses a unique set of skills in understanding people. This goes a long way in understanding our clients needs and objectives, formulating strategies to assist the individual and the company in finding the best version of themselves.

Chris Houston

Mental Health First Aid Trainer / Mental Health Consultant & Facilitator

Chris Houston has been a professional sportsman for over 15 years. He played 10 years in the NRL with both the St George Illawarra Dragons and the Newcastle Knights. He also played 3 years overseas in the English Super League for the Widnes Vikings.

Whilst playing at all three clubs Chris was given chances to work in high-pressure, result driven environments. He has been involved in leadership groups in all three clubs and has also had the honor of captaining each team.

During his early years as a sportsman he realised the need to develop himself as a person, finding an identity and purpose through completing a Bachelor of Primary Education. Chris has also studied in the mental health space completing a Mental Health First Aid Accreditation and a Certificate in Counseling.

Throughout his life Chris has faced many changes, challenges and adversities. Some as simple as moving out of home at 17 years old, to moving overseas with a young family and having no support.

During these times Chris’s mental health was challenged. He was forced into a dark place with no light at the end of the tunnel. Through his personal resilience, coping strategies and support networks Chris worked through and overcame these challenges and got back to the best version of himself.

Chris has seen the need for males to be able to start the conversation and seek support, also witnessing what can happen when they don’t. Chris is passionate and driven to be a part of the change the mental health space needs through sharing his education and lived experience.

Ben Higgs

Master Mental Health First Aid Trainer / Mental Health Consultant & Facilitator Lived Experience

Using over 30 years experience living with a mental illness, Ben isn’t your average every day presenter delivering a boring presentation. The real, raw, no bullshit approach to life, what it can throw at us, what we can be presented with, and more importantly how we face it. Ben's focus is on educating and teaching the everyday practice tools we can use so that people no longer have to live in silence with mental illness or poor mental health.

Ben engages with communities coming together for a common cause creating events such as Ratfest, PPP4SPA, Walk it Off and Hitting The Road. Having worked with organisations such as Suicide Prevention Australia and Black Dog institute, In 2016 Ben was invited to the United States National conference on behavioural health and more recently in 2019 a guest speaker at the International Bi Polar Foundation international conference.

Danny Frawley

Mental Health Facilitator

Born near Ballarat on a potato farm, Danny ‘Spud’ Frawley is a much loved member of the footy family known as a St Kilda legend, former Richmond coach, AFLCA boss and current St Kilda assistant coach.  

In the media world, Danny works with Fox Sports and SEN. Whether commentating, presenting or delivering unique content, his style is engaging, insightful and much loved by fans. In 2018, Danny, alongside Hamish McLachlan, won the best documentary category at the Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRAs) for a candid interview about the struggles faced throughout his life.

Danny is known for his infectious good humour, down to earth nature and passion for giving back, particularly through his role as a Sacred Heart Mission Ambassador.

Danny’s next challenge is to raise awareness for men’s health issues, particularly in rural communities. He has recently spoken about his personal battle with mental health. Danny is now using his profile to encourage others to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

A way in which he is sharing his message is through his podcast “No Man Should Ever Walk Alone”. His show focuses on mental health, addiction and lifestyle, bringing in experts to join in the conversation. You can catch his show each Monday on 1116 SEN, from 9-10pm, or you can stream it online.

Cecilia Gilders

Psychologist & Clinical Consultant

Cecilia is a registered psychologist (Queensland) who specialises in Occupational Health Psychology, Counselling, Organisational Consultancy Services, Rehabilitation and Return to Work services. She is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Cecilia holds a Bachelor of Social Science from Deakin University and a Graduate Diploma of Counselling Psychology from Monash University.

She has undertaken significant on site work in the mining and construction industries, including 20 years of onsite EAP services, critical incident responses, peer support training and debriefing and change management and redundancy support.

Cecilia has run a private psychology practice in Cairns completing EAP, Medicare, worker’s compensation and other private practice counselling work for 20 years. Cecilia has worked for both the Queensland and the Australian Federal Governments as a psychologist and contractor, providing organisational consultancy services to Departments such as Employment and Training, Health and Education.

Debbie Swibel

Mental Health Response Trainer / Mental Health First Aid Trainer / Clinical Consultant

Debbie is a suicidologist, a criminologist and practising counsellor and psychotherapist. Debbie believes that education is key to understanding mental health.

An experienced and passionate educator, Debbie is recognised as an industry expert.

Debbie is a trainer and assessor at Lifeline and trains students who wish to volunteer on the phones at Lifeline. Debbie is an accredited mental health response and Mental Health First Aid trainer.

Debbie's presenting style is informative, educational and enjoyable. Debbie supports the approach of drawing on personal strengths and resilience to overcome adversity.

Debbie promotes a lifestyle of health, wellness and wellbeing and encourages and inspires people to be the best they can be.

Sarah Muttdon

Executive Assistant

Previously working at the Sydney Convention Centre (now ICCC), Australian Turf Club and Illawarra Business Chamber, Sarah offers over 10 years of corporate experience in all areas of Event Management and Customer Service.

Sarah’s natural strength is keeping the MHM team organised and on track so the team can continue to do what they do best – delivering powerful presentations and changing the individual perception towards Mental Health.

As a wife and mother of two young children, Sarah has had many personal experiences with mental health throughout each stage of life. She is an advocate that we all experience mental health issues at some point, and we all need to be educated in resilience and positivity to overcome each life obstacle.

Using her own experiences, passions and skills, Sarah’s goal is to assist in the development of strategies to #StartingTheCoversation, reduce stigma and ensure our communities recognise that mental health is just as important as physical health.